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New Wicked Papers Loyalty Program

Wicked loyalty has its perks !

Upon making your first purchase, customers are issued a Wicked Papers Loyalty Card.  Receive one stamp for each $10 spent on an in store or online transaction. Upon receiving 15 stamps, you'll be granted a $10 off coupon for a future purchase.

Terms and conditions:

  • All in store and online purchases made on or after 9/1/23 are eligible.

  • To earn stamps in store, card must be present at the time of purchase or pickup.  For local pickup orders, stamps will be issued when the order is picked up in store.

  • Cards for online-only, non-local shoppers will be held and credited at the store.

  • Transactions cannot be combined.

  • Shipping, crop cards, crop events, and sales tax are not included for stamp credit.  

  • Partial spend is not credited. A stamp will be issued for each full $10 subtotal increment of a transaction.  Any remaining amounts will not be carried over or credited.

  • Merchandise returns will result in retraction of earned stamps, in increments of $10.

  • Lost cards can be replaced, however stamps earned prior to replacement will not be reissued.

  • No more than three completed Loyalty Cards ($30) can be redeemed per day.

  • Cards and coupons are non-transferable.

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