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Shipping delays...

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Updated 4/8/2021:

We have been anxiously awaiting, since 01/29/2021, the newest products from 49 & Market and other crafting companies. Due to shipping delays, we have not yet received all of the product ordered to hold our "Live in the Moment" album class yet. The classes scheduled to be held this weekend are now postponed. Both Mary and I were well aware of the delays in manufacturing and shipping due to Covid-19 during the past year so we built in a 60 days buffer between their estimated delivery dates and when we planned for our kits and scheduled classes. We are disappointed that we could not rely on the shipping estimates given to us over the past 90 days from these companies. OBVIOUSLY this didn't work out for us! We had faith - and now we have frustration. At this point, we would like to offer these options:

(1) GUESS! Guess the date and time of our product delivery from 49 & Market (item # ) that we ordered in January 2021/ Whoever is closest will win a 49 & Market prize package worth $25! Comment under this post with your guess.... (2) Ordered a kit? We are happy to ship everything to you that we have in stock, including your kit instructions. When the final item arrives, we will ship that to you, at no extra expense. (3) Signed up for a postponed class? We are also happy for you to pick up everything that we have in stock, including your kit instructions. When the final item arrives, we will notify you for pickup. You can also choose to leave your items here until the class is rescheduled. (4) Tired of waiting? We will send you a full refund. Please stay tuned - we will notify you when the postponed classes can be rescheduled. And we WILL be offering multiple dates and times to accommodate your schedules! Thank you for your continued patience!

Original Post:

We are STILL waiting on the newest products from Graphic 45 as well as from 49 & Market! Both Mary and I appreciate your continued patience.... It's disappointing to us to have to reschedule classes for reasons beyond our control.

Thank you.


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