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Craft Convention - Notions Commotion May 2021

Ordinarily, we would have gone to Michigan for this convention but (thankfully) it was being presented as a virtual convention by our craft supplier, Notions Marketing. It started with a wonderful keynote address by Vicki Boutin who discussed our passion for what we do, the products we work with and the crafters we work with and how each aspect keeps us going, day by day.

Each of these 13 classes have brought a differing selection of brands, techniques and projects, that ranged from complex 3D items to simple and easy greeting cards; from die cutting to mixed media; from things that can be completed in 15 minutes to classes that will take up to 5 hours (or more) and all from new companies and old favorites as well.

The techniques and tips were all duly noted so we can pass them on to our wicked crafters. We’ve seen SO many new and exciting products that are soon to be released – our brains are reeling!

On a personal note, I find it hard to carve out time for personal crafting. I was determined to use these four days as just that – Jacki time. Usually, I am so busy between the family and the shop (from teaching to selling to paperwork and other distractions). These four days, I have sat back and let others inspire and instruct me…. and I have a happy heart and smile! Cannot wait to share all this fun with all of you!

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