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Convention Time!

A reminder that the shop is only open on Saturday this week, 10a-4p.

Just a heads up - Mary and I will be on Facebook all this week but please don't think we're ignoring you - we are actually in school!!!

We are taking classes by crafting companies (like Prima, 49 & Market, Ranger, I-crafter, The Crafter's Workshop, WRMK and other wonderful companies) showcasing their summer product releases, newest tools and amazing techniques!

Can't wait to share these techniques and products with our wicked crafters! Most of the new products will be released in June and July - so check our calendar online and also in our FB group for more information about upcoming classes and pre-orders and more!

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Closed this week

We have made the decision to close this week due to hurricane Ian. We will reopen as soon as possible. Please stay safe and dry!

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Sherry Fralic
Sherry Fralic
May 11, 2021

So excited to see what you bring back to us. Enjoy!

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