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Are you in a mid-March crafting slump?


Middle of what passes for Florida's "winter".

Middle of school semester.

Still in the midst of the virus pandemic.

And yes, I'm in a crafting slump.

Part of my problem is that I am just not as organized as I would like to be, either in my home crafting space or in the shop at my desk.

Yesterday I put on my big girl panties and started creating order out of chaos on my desk here at the shop. I was SO productive and so heartened by the great vibes and feelings I experienced that I came in this morning determined to be even more productive....

What are YOUR secrets to slapping the slump outta your head? Please share - you could help someone else!

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Carmen Lopez
Carmen Lopez
11 mar 2021

I’m the worst when it comes to declutter and I must do it because I know I have treasures galore in there!!! 😂😂😂

Me gusta

It’s amazing how decluttering can inspir. I have found things that I forgot I had and also knowing where everything is. It helps my creative mind flow. I can see what I want to make and how to do it as I know what I have at my disposal.

Another source is crafting with others ( lately that’s been mostly on line) or getting inspired by others work (pintrest Instagram).

Me gusta

I try to get together with a friend and work on crafts together - like cards for other friends. Also just reorganizing my craft area so I see something I bought a while back that I thought was a fun project to do, makes me want to start doing it.

Me gusta
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